Dual controls are connected, either by cables or rods, to the main clutch and brake pedals. These additional pedals are sometimes fixed, moving in conjunction with the main controls or static so it won't trap the passenger's/instructor's feet. The Fast Universal cable controls we fit are specially designed to eliminate the risk of trapping feet.

pedals link

You can see in the above diagram that the dual control pedals are linked to the clutch and brake on the driver's side. This allows the instructor to take control of the brake and clutch pedals to assist a new pupil with control of the car's speed and gear changes or, in an emergency, to prevent any kind of incident that may endanger the occupants or other road users.

Dual controls can take between two and four hours to fit depending on the type of system you have chosen and the make of your vehicle. If you decide that its more convenient for our mobile fitters to install your dual control unit please ensure there is room to open both front doors of your vehicle on site.