Does it cost more to have two fitters install my dual controls?

No, it does not cost any more for two fitters to install your dual controls, this is simply our policy.

What benefit is there for me for two fitters to install my controls?

All dual controls need to be secured to the vehicle with nuts & bolts. However good a dual control installer you may be you simply cannot be inside the vehicle & outside the vehicle the same time. This is why all our dual controls units are installed by two fitters.

Why do you only supply and fit universal and He-man dual controls?

He-Man and fast universal dual controls are the most widely respected dual controls on the market today. Why? They are best operated systems and both are made of high quality materials with additional safety features.

What is the difference between He-man and universal dual controls?

There are many differences between the two systems. He-Man dual controls are specifically made for each manufacturer's model & cannot be moved from one manufacturer's model to another, or even different versions of the same model.

Certain universal dual control systems however can be re-used. Universal dual controls are designed to be adapted to fit any vehicle & can be moved from one make & model to a different make & model which can save you hundreds of pounds over the years. The only thing which will need to be replaced is the cables as they are cut to size on each individual car, which cost approximately £50.